The Modern Art Notes Podcast
Betye Saar

Artist Betye Saar

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Lisa Oppenheim, Valerie Fletcher

Artist Lisa Oppenheim, curator Valerie Fletcher

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Sara VanDerBeek, Susan Philipsz

Artists Sara VanDerBeek, Susan Philipsz.

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Remembering Ellsworth Kelly

Curators Diane Waldman and Toby Kamps, art historian Yve-Alain Bois and critic Roberta Smith

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On Jackson Pollock, Joyce Pensato

Curator Gavin Delahunty, artist Joyce Pensato.

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Holiday clips: Phyllida Barlow

Artist Phyllida Barlow, CBE, recorded live at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas.

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Holiday clips: Catherine Opie

Artist Catherine Opie from May, 2015.

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Frances Stark, 2015 top ten list

Artist Frances Stark, host Tyler Green's 2015 top ten list

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On Norman Lewis, Larry Sultan

Curators Ruth Fine, Rebecca Morse.

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The Lake Tahoe region in art

Curator Ann M. Wolfe, artists Michael Light and Mark Klett.

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