The Modern Art Notes Podcast

J. Paul Getty Museum curator Christine Sciacca, art historian Petra Giloy-Hirtz.

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Artist Francis Alÿs.

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Artist Wolfgang Laib and conservator Richard McCoy

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Artists Emmet Gowin and Frank Gohlke on their work at Mount Saint Helens.

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Metropolitan Museum of Art curator Rebecca Rabinow, art historian and curator Miwon Kwon

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"Inventing Abstraction" curator Leah Dickerman, "Jay DeFeo" curator Dana Miller.

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Author and critic Jonathan Jones, curator Judith Mann

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Artist Ann Hamilton and Richard Serra's endangered "Shift"

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Caravaggio expert and biographer Helen Langdeon and artist Ahmed Alsoudani.

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Artist Sophie Calle, curator Joaneath Spicer.

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