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Episode No. 489 features art historians Debra Bricker Balken and Celeste Brusati. 

Balken is the author of "Arthur Dove: A Catalogue Raisonne of Paintings and Things," a thorough presentation that includes Dove's assemblages. Jessie Sentivan contributed to the book. It contains 537 illustrations, almost all of them in color, of each work Balken was able to identify, find, photograph and document. "Dove" includes a an essay on Dove's work and its criticial reception, as well as mini-essays on major works. Many of the materials and images in the book are published for the first time here. It lists for $125 via Indiebound or Amazon.

Dove is among the most prominent American modernists of the early twentieth century, a key link between the American nature tradition and abstraction.

On the second segment, Celeste Brusati discusses "Samuel van Hoogstraten’s Introduction to the Academy of Painting; or, The Visible World," a new edited volume on Hoogstraten's landmark discourse on painting, his experience in Rembrandt's studio, and engagements with optics, perspective, and philosophy. Brusati edited the volume; Jaap Jacobs translated Hoogstarten's text. Brusati is a professor emerita of art and art history at the University of Michigan. The book was published by Getty Publications. It lists for about $75 via Indiebound or Amazon.

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