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Episode No. 624 features curator Leigh Arnold and artist Sarah Crowner.

Arnold is the curator of "Groundswell: Women of Land Art," a survey of artists who have worked in the land that revises ossified male-centric histories at the Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas. The exhibition provides a broad overview of themes, interests, and artworks that women created beginning in the 'usual' land art era, the 1960s and 1970s, and updates our understanding of land art to include not only work made in the most rural reaches of North America, but also work made and installed in and around urban and suburban centers. The exhibition is on view through January 7, 2024. An excellent catalogue was published by the Nasher and DelMonico Books. Bookshop and Amazon offer it for about $55.

The Pulitzer Arts Foundation is presenting "Sarah Crowner: Around Orange," a presentation of site-specific artworks that engage with the Pulitzer's Tadao Ando building and Ellsworth Kelly, whose monumental sculpture Blue Black is on permanent view at the Pulitzer. The exhibition, which was curated by Stephanie Weissberg, is on view through February 4, 2024. Concurrently, The Hill Art Foundation, New York, is showing "The Sea, the Sky, a Window," an exhibition of site-specific works Crowner is presenting with sculptures and paintings from several private collections. The exhibition is on view through February 17, 2024.

Instagram: Leigh Arnold, Sarah Crowner, Tyler Green.

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