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Episode No. 517 features author Tyler Green with curator and art historian Elizabeth Kornhauser; and artist Lisa Corinne Davis.

Tyler Green is the author of "Emerson's Nature and the Artists," which features a new appraisal of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s classic text, new research that reveals how it was informed by Emerson’s engagement with American art, and critical analysis of how the ideas Emerson offered in "Nature" informed American art for 100 years after it was published.

Green is (usually) the producer/host of The Modern Art Notes Podcast.

Green is interviewed by Elizabeth Kornhauser, a curator in the American Wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Along with Tim Barringer, Kornhauser curated "Thomas Cole's Journey: Atlantic Crossings" at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art and London's National Gallery, which helped motivate his new book. Kornhauser's "Jules Tavernier and the Elem Pomo," which she co-curated with Shannon Vittoria, is on view now at the Met. She discussed it on Episode No. 515 of The MAN Podcast.

"Emerson's Nature and the Artists" was published by Prestel. Indiebound and Amazon offer it for $25. For a personalized, signed copy, contact the author.

On the second segment, Lisa Corinne Davis discusses her work on the occasion of "Point of Departure: Abstraction 1958–Present" at the Sheldon Museum of Art at the University of Nebraska. The exhibition, drawn primarily from the museum's collection, surveys two-dimensional abstraction and is on view through December 23. Davis' work is in the collection of museums such as the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. Among her many awards are a National Endowment for the Arts Visual Artist Fellowship and a Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation award.

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Episode No. 516 features art historian and author Mary Beard and artist Tabitha Soren.

Beard's new book is Twelve Caesars: Images of Power from the Ancient World to the Modern. It details how for more than two millennia, portraits of the rich and powerful have been informed by portraits of Roman emperors (and often by portraits believed to be Roman emperors), and investigates how 12 murderous rulers came to be so prominent in the work of artists -- and in the minds of patrons -- ever after.

The book descends from Beard's 2011 Mellon Lectures at the National Gallery of Art. Indiebound and Amazon offer the book for about $35.

Material referenced on the program includes:

On the second segment, Tabitha Soren discusses her work on the occasion of "Surface Tension" at the Mills College Art Museum in Oakland, Calif. The exhibition features work from Soren's series of the same title, pictures of iPad screens made to reveal how we interact with digital screens in ways that join touch, art history and the present. The exhibition is on view through December 12.

Concurrently, RVB Books has published a book of pictures from the series. It's also titled Surface Tension and includes an essay by Jia Tolentino. As of taping, it's available from RVB Books for 29€.

Works from the series have previously been shown at museums such as the Davis Museum at Wellesley College and at Transformer Station in Cleveland. Soren's work is in the collections of many museums, including the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Harvard Art Museums, the New Orleans Museum of Art and the George Eastman Museum.

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Episode No. 515 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features curator Betsy Kornhauser and art historian Aaron M. Hyman.

Along with Shannon Vittoria, Kornhauser is the co-curator of "Jules Tavernier and the Elem Pomo" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The exhibition examines the cultural interchange within Tavernier's Dance in a Subterranean Roundhouse at Clear Lake, California (1878), which the Met acquired in 2016, and the Elem Pomo portrayed within it. It also complicates Tavernier's picture and oeuvre by examining his other representations of Indigenous life as well as his engagement with the international banking and mining interests that developed the Clear Lake site and region represented in this picture, much of which had been made toxic by borax and mercury extraction.

The exhibition is on view in New York through November 28 before traveling to the de Young Museum in San Francisco. It is accompanied by an issue of the Met Bulletin that includes contributions from Elem Pomo cultural leader and regalia maker Robert Joseph Geary. The Bulletin is not available via the web, but it may be purchased for $14.95 at the Met or via phone by calling 212-570-3894 and asking for item number 80054339.

(A later MAN Podcast segment will focus on the Pomo material within the exhibition.)

On the second segment, Hyman discusses his new book Rubens in Repeat: The Logic of the Copy in Colonial Latin America. It examines the impact Peter Paul Rubens's prints had on art in Spanish colonies in the Americas, and how artists in the New World came to deviate from Rubens's constructions to build a new art history. Hyman teaches art history at Johns Hopkins University. Rubens in Repeat is published by the Getty Research Institute and Getty Publications, and will be available next month. Indiebound and Amazon offer it for about $70.

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Episode No. 514 features curators Nathaniel Silver and Amy L. Powell.

Silver is the curator of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum's presentation of "Titian: Women, Myth & Power," which re-unites Titian's greatest series of mythological paintings for the first time in more than 400 years.

In 1550, Prince Philip of Spain, the future King Philip II, commissioned Titian to make a group of paintings. Among them is the Gardner's 1559-62 The Rape of Europa, as well as The Wallace Collection, London's Perseus and Andromeda, The Wellington Collection's Danaë, the Prado's Venus and Adonis, and Diana and Actaeon and Diana and Callisto, which are jointly owned by the National Gallery, London and the National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh.

Curators of the exhibition include Silver, Matthias Wivel at the National Gallery, London (where it was titled "Love, Desire, Death"), and at the Prado, Miguel Falomir and Alejandro Vergara curated "Mythological Passions," which included the Titian suite. A planned exhibition in Scotland was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The exhibition is on view in Boston through January 2, 2022. On the occasion of the exhibition, the ISGM has published "Titian's Rape of Europa," a consideration of the ISGM's picture. It was edited by Silver and published by the ISGM and Paul Holberton Publishing. Indiebound and Amazon offer it for about $25.

On the second segment, Powell discusses her survey "A Question of Emphasis: Louise Fishman Drawing" at the Krannert Art Museum at the University of Illinois. The exhibition, the first survey of Fishman's works on paper, is on view through February 26, 2022. The excellent exhibition catalogue was published by the museum. Indiebound and Amazon offer it for about $40.

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Episode No. 513 is a holiday weekend clips episode featuring curator Nicole R. Myers.

With Katherine Rothkopf, Myers is the co-curator of "Cubism in Color: The Still Lifes of Juan Gris", which opens at the Baltimore Museum of Art on September 12. Myers is a curator at the Dallas Museum of Art. Across more than 40 paintings, the exhibition explores how Gris brought color to cubism in still-life painting of striking vivacity. It will be on view in Baltimore through January 9, 2022. The outstanding exhibition catalogue was published by the two museums and distributed by Yale University Press. It's available for about $45 from Indiebound and Amazon.

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