The Modern Art Notes Podcast

Artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, and artist Robyn O'Neil.

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Featuring artist Josiah McElheny and artist A. Bitterman.

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Artist Barbara Kruger and curator Karen Wilkin.

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Focusing on "The Permanent Way" at New York's apexart with curator Brian Sholis and artist Mark Ruwedel. 

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On the occasion of a major survey of Richard Diebenkorn's Ocean Park paintings, exhibition curator Sarah Bancroft and conservator Ana Alba discuss the artist's work.

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Artist Fred Wilson, in a program taped live at the Toledo Museum of Art.

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This week's MAN Podcast spotlights the Philadelphia Museum of Art's "Gauguin, Cezanne, Matisse: Visions of Arcadia." with exhibition curator Joseph Rishel and catalogue essayist George Shackelford. 

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This week's MAN Podcast features Jonathan Brown, the world's top Spanish art historian, talking about his new book, "Murillo: Virtuoso Draftsman" and Carnegie Museum of Art curator Amanda Donnan on the CMOA's Carnegie International blog.

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The Modern Art Notes Podcast: Mickalene Thomas

This week's MAN Podcast features artists Mickalene Thomas and Marco Breuer. Thomas's work is on view now at the Santa Monica Museum of Art. A show of Breuer's newest work is up at Chelsea's Von Lintel Gallery.

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Three top critics join me to discuss the new Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia: The LAT's Christopher Knight, WSJ contributor Tom Freudenheim and Bloomberg's James Russell.

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