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Episode No. 439 features author and art historian William E. Wallace and curator Julian Brooks.

Wallace is the author of "Michelangelo, God's Architect: The Story of His Final Years and Greatest Masterpiece." The book offers a rich and lively biographical examination of the last two decades of Michelangelo's life, a period when he became the architect of St. Peter's Basilica and other buildings, even as he continued to sculpt and draw.

Wallace is a professor of art history at Washington University in St. Louis. He is the author or editor of seven books on Michelangelo. "Michelangelo, God's Architect" was published by Princeton University Press. Amazon offers it for $21, $16 on Kindle.

Along with Emily J. Peters, Julian Brooks is the co-curator of "Michelangelo: Mind of the Master" at the J. Paul Getty Museum. (The Getty is temporarily closed due to the COVAD-19 pandemic.) The exhibition features 28 drawings, many on sheets that feature sketches on both sides of the paper. It is scheduled to be at the Getty through June 7. The Cleveland Museum of Art, which debuted the exhibition, has produced an accompanying catalogue which is distributed by Yale University Press. Amazon offers it for $29.

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